7 Reasons to Start Using Cinnamon Essential Oil Today

7 Reasons to Start Using Cinnamon Essential Oil TodayCinnamon is a popular spice widely used for both culinary and health purposes. However, besides from delicious dishes, the benefits for your health are numerous. When speaking of cinnamon essential oil, some people are concerned as there are cases when it has caused some allergic reactions. Yet, there are too many reasons why you should not miss to use cinnamon essential oil on your daily basis. The shrub is grown in tropical regions and is widely used in Ayurveda and is known to help with different health problems such as colds, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, arthritis, yeast infections and digestive problems. If you want to learn more about cinnamon and its uses, read on and below you will find out 7 good reasons why you should always keep a bottle of cinnamon essential oil today! Continue reading

7 tips for cleaning your blinds efficiently!

7 tips for cleaning your blinds efficiently!Cleaning blinds might not be included in the list of the easiest or the most pleasant house chores, but it definitely needs to be performed regularly. It does not matter what kind of blinds you have, they do accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Apart from the purely aesthetic aspect, dusty blinds can also lead to allergy outbursts and even more serious respiratory diseases. All in all, you have two cleaning methods to apply, depending on the materials your blinds are made of. You can either clean them with a sponge and a cleaning detergent or take them off, soak them, let them dry and place them back on the windows. Although blinds cleaning does not require any special detergents, applying the right cleaning technique is essential for accelerating the entire process, achieving better results, prolonging the lifespan of the blinds and avoiding any damages. Continue reading

Wonderful Shabby Chic ideas for every room

Wonderful Shabby Chic ideas for every roomAre you familiar with Shabby Chic style? Actually, it is also popular as farmhouse or cottage style. Experts define it as very warm, friendly and forgiving décor style to have in your sweet home. Nowadays many people are attracted by Shabby Chic ideas, because they not only embrace imperfection, but they truly celebrate it. Some typical features of Shabby Chic style are: natural (e.g., linen, burlap), and weathered or worn elements. The origin of this interior design is Great Britain. It reminds the typical decoration, found in large, country houses where you may find worn sofas and curtains; old, but beautiful paintwork and modest taste. The main target is to achieve an elegant overall effect. An essential aspect of the appearance is recycling old furniture and fabrics. Keep in mind, that the original Shabby Chic interior was considered a work of art. Let’s take a look at some smart tips how to bring this style in the separate rooms of your home: Continue reading

How to clean light fixtures, chandeliers and recessed lighting

How to clean light fixtures, chandeliers and recessed lighting You might not be surprised to know that light fixtures are the most frequently neglected pieces of furniture at every house. The lack of time makes the majority of homeowners postpone the cleaning of the tiny ornaments for the next week or month. However, chandeliers are believed to attract tons of dirt and dust and even if you dust the other surfaces regularly, you might never achieve the desired results. As you have already presumed, light fixtures and chandeliers need to be cleaned as frequently as possible but they require you to have a proper cleaning technique. Below, you can check how to avoid damages and have your lighting items ideally clean: Continue reading

Help! Small budget for Christmas – what to do?

Help! Small budget for Christmas - what to do?Christmas is one of the brightest Christian holidays. Christmas unites the family and makes people better. In order to feel the spirit of the holiday, invite it to your home right now!

You can create Christmas atmosphere without having to spend your budget on a new decoration. You need only a desire and some free time. Check out our ideas for you: Continue reading

How to improve the interior with paintings and photos

How to improve the interior with paintings and photosIn case you recently moved into a new house, you are definitely impatient to furnish your home and to make your domestic interior stylish and original. Perhaps you will act like most people who include their favorite photos or paintings of artists. To do this in the most subtle way, you need to know certain rules. You need to pay attention to them, because otherwise there is a risk to fail. And you don’t want that, right? Continue reading

5 super simple and smart cleaning strategies

5 super simple and smart cleaning strategiesWhat you have to understand, that cleaning the whole apartment or house at once is very much work. Plus the effect will keep no more than 2 days. And in consequence of this you will have to spend the rest of the week in mess and clutter. Follow these simple rules and make your household chores less time-consuming: Continue reading

Make your child love sports

Make your child love sportsSports are part of our nature, a distant memory from the time when the fittest were the only ones to survive. Nowadays sports are one important component of the healthy living. But you cannot do something that you love, so how to make your child to love sports and to live healthy instead of staying all day in front of the computer or the TV? Continue reading

Invite the nature indoors

Invite the nature indoorsNature is our home. No matter with how thick walls we surround ourselves, we are always drawn toward outdoor spaces, forests, fields, seaside and so on. Even if you like industrial or urban design, probably a part of you wants to keep in touch with the wild, untamed part of your being. There is always a way to incorporate natural element in your domestic surrounding. Continue reading

5 mistakes you make, planning your children’s room

Common mistakes when planning a children`s roomWhen planning your children’s room you want the best for your kids. Sometimes in our pursue of perfection, we make mistakes that are not only wrong, but they can be also dangerous. Here is what you’ve messed up when you were organizing the room of your kid: Continue reading