Revealing of Orient carpet cleaning tricks

Orient carpet cleaning tricks Globalisation is the process of international integration. This is the arising interchange of views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Generally, globalisation refers to processes that increase worldwide exchanges of national and cultural resources.

Today, globalisation affects to global market and exchange. People all over the world accept foreign habits. We are used to buy German cars, French perfumes, Italian shoes, Japanese technique and so on.

It became modern practice to furnish our homes and offices in a special cultural style.  World is so colourful – Wallpapers with Chinese type, Indian or African sculptures, Persian carpets. Continue reading

Regular Domestic cleaning on weekly basis

Housekeeping on a regular basisRegular home cleaning is regular, because you usually pick up an appropriate for your schedule period of time for repeating simple house maintenance. Whether it is a daily cleaning routine or a fortnightly domestic cleaning, the entire job is focused on preserving home hygiene and permanent convenience for you and your family. Simple cleaning chores are actually the easiest way to achieve constant cosiness at home. Healthy living environment also require some periodically applied efforts in housekeeping and home cleaning. Continue reading

How to remove ink from a carpet

Cleaning ink stain on the carpetTaking care of carpets at home requires everyday efforts. They include common Hoovering, applying the formula baking soda + vacuuming and deodorising once in a while. Doing correctly all of these things will help in having your carpet really attractive and hygienic. \

At the same time, you always have to be prepared for accidents and urgent situations. Stains – this is what we mean! No carpet is insured against stains. No rug is guaranteed to live long and make you happy till the rest of your days. Accidental dropping or careless nutrition may ruin your brand new carpet. Add to this the fact you raise a small kid at home and you now know that nothing is really forever. So does carpets. Though, not any stain is as catastrophic as end of life. One way or another, you can actually squeeze the chance and correct your mistakes. Continue reading

How to avoid viruses at home

How to avoid viruses at homeCan your own home make you ill? We usually blame it on the people around us who sneeze and cough or on the cold weather but have you ever thought that the reason for your current health condition may be your own home?!

Viruses usually like to settle into the joints between the tiles of the bathroom or in the keyboard of your computer. So in order to get rid of them, and to keep your home safe, you should thoroughly clean your house or at least follow these tips:

  1. Change the mop for the tiles or sanitize it, otherwise, you will carry even more bacteria around the house with every following wiping. Continue reading