Why a black carpet maintenance is not as easy as it seems?

Why black carpet maintenance is not easyThere is a big myth among people that should be busted – black carpets are easier to be maintained fresh and stylish for longer. It is very curious who exactly has told you that, but what is more important is that this is not the entire truth at all. As a matter of fact, a black carpet may become even a bigger problem than your old beige synthetic rug you remember from your first tenement. Continue reading

How to settle the Easter table

Easter decoration for the tableEaster is a momentous and favorite holiday. It’s connected with our religious beliefs and with the beginning of the spring. Both, of course, are significant and cheerful, so the preparation is usually very important for all of us.

Today, we would like to give you some hints and teach you how to settle the Easter table nicely, appropriately according to the main customs of the holiday and mostly – wonderfully and lovely, so the experience will be really unforgettable: Continue reading

Closet Cleanout

Closet CleanoutOrganising the closet is something that we all know that we need to do, but often procrastinate. Cleaning it out helps you to free some space and do a reassessment of the clothes you own. No matter what your purpose is, we give you some useful tips:

  • The first step is to clear the closet itself. After removing all the clothes, begin with cleaning. This may take a little more time, but it is essential;

  • After that, get on with sorting your clothes. Divide your clothes according to how often you wear them. Continue reading

In case you have a delicate carpet, get ready for a perfect treatment

Delicate carpet cleaningAdding a luxurious and wonderful rug to the interior design of any room at home is a great, original and stylish idea for decoration, renovating or refreshment. However, when you choose such a refined item for your home place, you need to know that the high price is not its only disadvantage.

Most of tender carpets require some tender approach, too. There are several types of rugs – oriental, hand-knotted, cashmere, decorative and many others – that should be really attentively maintained and sanitised. So, in case you have a delicate carpet, get ready for a perfect treatment, if you want a super and awesome home overall look:

  • Avoid beating them. You may like the idea of this old-fashioned method for carpet refreshment, but it is definitely not suitable for tiny and delicate materials. Continue reading

Smart ideas for displaying family images and pictures at home

Family picturesFraming your sincerest memories and having the pleasure to watch at your most beloved people in the world every day at home are intimate parts of domestic atmosphere.

Displaying family images and pictures is the loveliest and the most touching art. The design conceptions come straight from your heart and the effect can never be disappointing or plain.

See some smart ideas for framed family art and choose this type of decoration for your own home environment Continue reading

Super tips to beat the winter blues

Beat the winter blues Winter is here and guess what else might be also hurrying up to catch you, too? Yes, of course – the familiar seasonal depression. Winter blues, though, is one of the hardest and the worst!

Depression, absolute lack of motivation, constant exhauster and even wild-cat ideas might strike you without even asking you, if you have time for this or you’re too busy to lose energy and strength. If you want to escape the winter blues or if you have already fallen into its clutches, let us assist you and help you to pull yourself together.

Check out the following super tips and beat the winter blues Continue reading

The case “small kitchen”

Small-kitchenThe kitchen is a mirror of the good housewife. Every woman dreams of a spacious kitchen in which to fit all necessary or unnecessary gadgets.

Undoubtedly, modern constructions are beautiful, but ruthless according to the sizes and functionality of the buildings. Globally, small sizes are everywhere. In the contemporary world it’s believed that the kitchen by 5 m² is enough. In this case there is no coincidence among beauty, comfort and functionality.

If you do not want your little kitchen to look like a matchbox, and to avoid the situation “Move you to move me”, see a few tips for maximum functionality. Continue reading

Face cleansing – beauty tips

Face cleansing after partyNatural beauty and healthy cares of your body are things that determine your inner world and give a confidence in the outside world. There are parts of your appearance that cannot be hidden or repaired with make-up, vanguard clothes or expensive jewelries.

Skin is one of these things. Beautiful skin is not only granted from nature or a consequence of particular gene types. Skin needs cares, right approach into cleansing and refreshing and constant attention. If you want your skin to be radiant, healthy and glowing, there are things you should start doing! Face cleansing is the first step to prevent oily, dry or listless skin! Continue reading

Things you don’t have to do in end of tenancy cleaning

Things you don’t have to do in end of tenancy cleaningAs a tenant you must have been gone through a long-lasting instructive procedure about all the duties you have and all the things you must do. This permanent dependence by your landlord’s desires and will is tiring and really annoying sometimes.

The worst part is that this continues till the end of your tenancy life. Even in the end, one big end of tenancy cleaning is also expecting you to kill your nerves for last. Continue reading

Errors in choosing company providing carpet cleaning

Errors in choosing professional carpet cleaning company We keep on debunking the myth that choosing the right professional company for carpet treatment is easy and that all of these famous firms are equal to qualities and efficiency. As a matter of fact, the way people are different, professional companies are also different. Some of them work with the most contemporary equipment, but their staffs are not qualified and experienced enough to satisfy client’s requires and demands. Other companies offer the most professional manpower, but the detergents and products they use won’t do for overall disinfection and sophisticated carpet refreshment. Read the next errors in choosing carpet cleaning company and try to avoid them in future: Continue reading