Funny weight-loss tips

Funny weight-loss tipsWeight-loss programs do not have to include starvation or exhaustion in the gym. Diets, as a matter of fact, might be funny and even entertaining in a way. We have gathered for you some funny weight-loss tips you can try. If they do not help you in reducing your weight, at least, they will not hurt or harm your organism and will. Besides, some of them are quite normal activities and helpful chores: Continue reading

How to cut down on sugar – Tips

How to cut down on sugar - tipsEverybody knows that sugary foods and drinks are the main cause of weight gain. However, do you know how many good things happen to your body after you cut down on sugar? Avoiding sugar is a nearly impossible task because we are surrounded with sugar all day long, at work, at school, and even at home. Here are really useful tips on how to overcome your sugar addiction. Continue reading

How to select curtains for your kitchen

How to select curtains for your kitchenWhen you are choosing curtains for your kitchen, it is really difficult to find the right fabric from the variety of tulle, organza, voile and so on. Consider the fact that you have to wash the drapery fairly often. What is more, if the kitchen also has the function of a dining room, then your curtains need to be not also practical, but very beautiful. Here are some rules you have to follow:

  • The colours of the curtains should fit the colour of your furniture and walls. And don’t forget – small kitchen looks more spacious in soft neutral colours while the dark colours are suitable for a greater space. Continue reading

How to find reliable carpet cleaning services?

How to find reliable carpet cleaning servicesThe proper and sophisticated carpet cares guarantee the good look of your overall interior, the long life of your carpet and the decent hygiene in your house. However, carpet treatment might become extremely harsh to some people and in many situations. For instance, what if you suddenly make an enormous red wine stain on your rug? Are you sure blotting it with some universal dish washing soap is going to be enough? Or what if your rug is too delicate to stand liquid based carpet cleaning method? Continue reading

If your kid is a left-handed person

If your kid is a left-handed personYou have cute and clever child. It grows and changes every day. At some point, however, you understand that it is different from others … because it is a lefty. For many parents, this feature is a kind of punishment. And is it indeed so? Why for some people the left hand dominates? How to help your child to fully adapt to our right-handed world.

  • We’ll start with one fact – left-handed people around the world are becoming more and more. And it is mostly the result of the fact that nowadays nobody combats leftism and nobody tries to “fix” it. Continue reading

Blueberries – a little treasure

Benefits of BlueberriesDo you love blueberries? Do you know that purple tongue and even teeth after delicious adventures with blueberries are actually a result of the substances in blueberries called polyphenols. Exactly these substances have anti-diabetic properties and are very useful for the heart. They improve the blood circulation and also protect against atherosclerosis. Learn more: Continue reading

Make your hotel stay healthier with these easy steps

Make your hotel stay healthier with these easy steps Everyone loves vacations – tasty cocktails on the beach, relaxing around the swimming pool with a good book, etc. However, a vacation can sometimes be ruined by various things. Actually there are simple rules to follow and you will have wonderful holiday with your friends or relatives. Here are a few tricks of how to make your hotel stay healthier. Check them out: Continue reading

Retro-Style Tech – modern trends

Vintage style in tech designRetro trends and especially Vintage styles have arrived drastically in the modern world these days. The designs, shapes, structures and forms are bravely adopted by the 40s and 50s in several spheres – clothing and shoe fashion, home interior and exterior conceptions, architecture approach and even technology! The electric and electricity gadgets of this season combine the multi functions, features and abilities from future with the appearance and view of the retro style! And the effect is completely amazing and unique! Now see the retro-style tech offers and today’s modern trends: Continue reading

Do you know these unpopular facts about love?

What you don't know about loveExcept all the popular ideas, connected with love, there are other less popular facts, that are associated with this wonderful feeling. The vision of love that comes to light from the latest science research requires a radical change. If we consider love from different perspective, our body’s perspective, we will find out some interesting truths. Actually, love is not an ordinary sexual desire, romance or special connection you feel with your beloved family. Probably, love is neither unconditional, nor long-lasting. The conclusion is that love, as our bodies experience it, is just a micro-moment of bond, shared with another person. Learn more now: Continue reading