Attract love on Valentine’s Day thanks to Feng Shui

Feng Shui for love Valentine’s Day is knocking on our door and it is good to be prepared to meet it with your better half. You can find so many advices as you browse the web, but we want to help by offering you some feng shui tips to facilitate love for Valentine’s Day. Check them out:

  • Colors. According to feng shui, some colors are considered as really romantic. These are red, pink and peach. We all know that red color evokes sensuality and passion. Pink is connected with love and relationships while peach color is connected to what we call “peach blossom luck”. Actually these wonderful “love” related shades may be used for the bedroom as bed linens, wall paint or any other objects.

  • Furniture. Firstly, accomplish well the carpet sanitising underneath all furnishings. A solid headboard is recommended for the bed. This represents strength and unity in the relationship. In addition, according to feng shui, the bed should be placed in a way that both sides have equal and balanced open space. It’s also great if each side has a nightstand equipped with a lamp. In case you are single, follow these tips too and show the universe you have made enough space, (in physical and energetical aspect) for your future partner.

  • Self love. Is it possible to truly love someone if you don’t love yourself? Of course, not. Feng shui recommends equilibrium and dynamic between love and self-love. You will be able to attract a perfect companion if you work hard on your inner growth. If you improve yourself and you achieve inner peace, even the domestic cleaners will notice the change.

To conclude, this year’s Valentine’s Day you may invest some time to honor and treat yourself. Involve these simple feng shui rules and learn to love yourself and others.

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