Add some romantic elements in your bedroom

Romantic elements in the bedroomOnce you get in someone’s bedroom you can tell that you know them intimately. How to decorate it and what elements to add to make it more romantic and appealing? There are some details that can make you feel more secure and peaceful in your bedroom than anywhere else.

  • Candles – old but gold touch that automatically turns people on romantic mode. Separate or in groups candles incorporate the fire element and by the rules of feng shui this warms up the room in the good sense.

  • Curtains – cocoon or just ethereal screen between your bed or bedroom and the rest of the world. Curtains can be placed both on the windows and around the bed. If there isn’t enough space for luxurious canopy, you can just put two pieces of silk or other thin fabric around the head of the bed to form something like it.
  • Mirrors – although most people advise against the mirrors in the bedroom because the reflections can “scare” you, one mirror strategically put on the right place (according to the size and shape of the room) can enlarge the place and can add one sensual wink to your boudoir. Frame is very important – it is the element that brings the style in the mirror – art decor or Renaissance, Venice or Oriental. Anything that gets you in romantic mood is fine.
  • Headboard – wooden or upholstered, simple or carved, plain or with pattern – depends on your taste. For some, plain red velvet headboard can be too much, for others too ordinary. Don’t go over your own feeling in search of “romanticism” in someone other’s terms. But don’t overdo with the pillows, they should be enough to feel cozy and less than turning into obstacle for your love life, and with less pillows maids will have fewer things to put in order.
  • Posters – they can be real or just decorative element, for example you can put wooden posters on the four corners of the bed and make it look like antique from colonial times, or just draw them on the wall around the headboard if you are handy artist. It will give completely different look of the room.
  • Fluffy carpet – it makes the room warm, gives a bit of a sound proofing and you can walk on it barefoot without your feet getting cold. To keep it as good as new give it professional carpet treatment at least a couple of times a year.
  • Sculptures and pictures – avoid sharp angles and frustrating scenes, the artworks in your bedroom should be relaxing and “soft” to make it romantic shelter for you and your partner after a long day.

Single rose or petals on the bed and a glass of wine on the bed table are the last drops to your romantic port. The rest depends on you.

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