8 clever ways to use Post-it Notes

8 clever ways to use Post-it NotesThe Post-it notes are so much more than just a cool way to remember things. Most of the Post-it notes are in bright colours such as yellow and pink so as to grab our attention. Of course, you already know how to use them as reminders, but there are so much more things you can do with these incredible papers with glue on top. You can try some of these creative ideas.

  • Use them to clean up your keyboard. You use your computer all the time and without a doubt, you don’t wash your hands every single time you are pressing the keyboard, right? Use the glued tip of the post-it notes to clean the keyboard between the buttons.

  • Right down less familiar keyboard shortcuts. If you are using a computer in your job this will be a lifesaver.

  • Mark the letters in the dictionary. Well, there are countless online dictionaries, but nothing beats the good old-fashioned paper dictionary.

  • Mark cables. Use sticky notes to mark electric cords of the different appliances. Just make sure your domestic cleaners London know about this or they might clean them away.

  • Prevent drill dust. All you have to do is to fold the post-it note in half and stick it underneath the drill hole. It will collect all the dust and you will save a vacuum cleaning. If you live on rent, make sure your landlord is OK with you drilling the wall or think about it when it’s time to do the end of tenancy cleaning London.

  • Make your own Post-it note calendar. Just stick 30 notes on a board and write down your plans for the month.

  • Make a supermarket list. Keep Post-it notes near the refrigerator and write down what you need to buy from the grocery before you forget it.

  • Use them as a bookmark. That’s one of the most obvious sticky notes applications, yet still a lot of people don’t do it.

These were just some of the Post-it notes applications. What do you think, was this article useful to you?

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