7 tips for cleaning your blinds efficiently!

7 tips for cleaning your blinds efficiently!Cleaning blinds might not be included in the list of the easiest or the most pleasant house chores, but it definitely needs to be performed regularly. It does not matter what kind of blinds you have, they do accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Apart from the purely aesthetic aspect, dusty blinds can also lead to allergy outbursts and even more serious respiratory diseases. All in all, you have two cleaning methods to apply, depending on the materials your blinds are made of. You can either clean them with a sponge and a cleaning detergent or take them off, soak them, let them dry and place them back on the windows. Although blinds cleaning does not require any special detergents, applying the right cleaning technique is essential for accelerating the entire process, achieving better results, prolonging the lifespan of the blinds and avoiding any damages.

  • Blinds, carpets and upholstery are often compared to a sponge that absorbs unpleasant smells and dirt. Of course, you can always clean your carpet by neutralising the bad odours by sprinkling some baking soda or calling the professionals in carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, using baking soda is not an effective blind cleaning technique. Before you start cleaning, you are advised to make an inspection and remove any stains or spots. In order to make the cleaning more effective, you should get a feather duster. Run the duster between each of the blinds and pick up the dust accumulated in the corners. So, which is the easiest way to pick up that dirt. Put a rubber glove or an old sock on your hand and slightly dampen it. You can also use a glass cleaner, but if you are more into eco-friendly detergents, the usage of equal parts water and vinegar should do an excellent job.

  • Do you know why employees of companies offering domestic cleaning services can make every messy place ideally clean in the blink of an eye? They just use professional cleaning tools. Of course, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on such kind of supplies, but if you have a rubber sponge (it is also called a dry sponge) you can achieve better results. Rubber sponges are inexpensive and they can be found in any hardware store. They work on both fabric and vinyl blinds.

  • If you want to partially clean a fabric blind and remove a dirty spot, you have to spray some all-purpose cleaner onto a dry cloth and apply to the stain. It is essential to note that you should never apply any cleaning solution directly onto the treated area.

  • Wooden blinds are more difficult to clean. As you know acids, vinegar included, are the worst enemy of wooden surfaces. The latter also applies to water, so under no circumstances should you soak your blinds in water or any acid-based cleaning solution. Instead, you can clean them in place by using a special detergent tailored for wooden surfaces.

  • If you have to deal with vinyl or metal blinds and you would like to clean them thoroughly, the best thing you can do is to take them outside and clean them with water and dishwashing liquid. If you have a car-washing brush, the end result will be much better. Brush both sides of the blinds and rinse but make sure you remove the excessive amount of water. Let the blinds get completely dry before you take them back.

  • Efficient cleaning of Venetian blinds requires you to do the following: First of all, you have to close the slats. Then, you have to affix a soft duster brush to your vacuum cleaner, otherwise, you might damage them. Hold the blind with one hand during vacuuming. It is important to start vacuuming from the centre of the blind and move the vacuum nozzle first to the left and then to the right. You have to perform this procedure on both sides of the blind.

  • Many people prefer horizontal blinds as they are considered easier to clean. However, if you have placed a large vertical blind on a glass door, you have to deal with the constantly accumulating dirt. The best cleaning tactics you can apply is cleaning each slat individually. Follow the golden rule of housekeeping – always start cleaning from top to the bottom. Make sure you have placed rags on the floor, as drips will inevitably occur. If you wish so, you can take the blinds off and lay them on a towel, but you have to be careful not to damage the plastic clips. They are easily breakable and you are likely to have some issues as far as their replacement is concerned.

Even if you include blinds dusting in your weekly cleaning checklist, they do require deep cleaning from time to time. You are advised to react immediately if you notice a spot or a stain, especially if your blinds are made of fabrics in order to keep them in a presentable condition for longer!

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