7 sins of first-time renters

7 sins of first time rentersA removal is expecting you and you are about to visit few houses given for renting or an apartment search is ahead of you? Well, this is a huge complex process, so make sure everything will go smoothly and finely. If you are a total freshman in finding a decent place for renting, see some things you should not do, while seeking for your newest living space. These are the top 7 sins of a first-time renter. Check them out and do not do these mistakes for anything in life:

  • Not considering the cost as a top factor. Underestimating the cost, when you choose your future home place could be the error that will ruin your life. In the beginning everything in life on rent seems easy and not that harsh, but trust us, the rent duty may be a big issue – especially if your work is not permanent or stable. Consider how much money you can afford on both – rents and expenses before saying Yes to your landlord.

  • Not reading the lease contract. Simply writing down your name and your signature without even getting aware of what your tenancy duties are is bad. Besides, before finding out more about your rights, you do not have to obey on anything. Lots of problems may occur in the future and you will be surprised with things such as mandatory hiring of professional regular home cleaning services or improvements you must do without being compensated.

  • Not seeing the apartment before the removal. Some landlords and real estate agents might be very soft spoken. They may tell you so many awesome things about the property on the phone, but when you get there, you will feel the nasty hit by the fraud. Don’t let this happen to you!

  • Moving to a tenement, which the previous tenants did not sanitise before their moving. If they had not hired any end of rental cleaners, it is high possible for you to enter in a total mess full of bacteria and dirtiness. Are you sure you want this?

  • Not requiring any extras. Every landlord wants just to give you his property on rent. There is nothing else he works for. So, the more you require, the more you get. Start with some super big things and see what you can finally get!

  • Not getting insurance. Should we even discuss this point? Insurances are applied in everything in life today and a property that you do not owe must be insured by all means!

  • Expecting too much and doing nothing to make an empty and foreign place your home sweet home are also common mistakes. Work for this place – it is from now on your new home!

Now you are ready for some rent hunting!

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