7 signs that you are a grown-up

Realizing that you are adultThere are certain moments in life when you actually understand that you are not a child anymore, not even a teen. Some of us realize it harder and for some it’s just natural step in life. How exactly person understands that he or she is way too old to keep stuffed toys and cars if they don’t have great material or sentimental value? Here are a couple of traces that show you have been transferred to the “adult” level:

  1. You have emergency contact and it doesn’t mean company for party. One of the signs of growing up is when you realize you need someone else in case of emergency. And your parents are not the default option anymore. Choose reliable person that wouldn’t leave you or your property without care.

  2. You learn to apologise. Not because it’s expected from you but because you actually realize that person can be wrong. Taking responsibility for your actions instead of running away is what adults do.

  3. Bills and taxes. This is one of the worst things! You know where and when you need to pay everything. It doesn’t mean that you pay them on time or regularly but at least you know that they exist and it matters to you.

  4. Food matters. You actually start to make meal choices that are healthier and the oven cleaning gets in your to-do list. Food is the source of vital resources for your body so you need to learn to choose it well. The oven cleaning on other hand is important for the quality of the food.

  5. Doctor appointments are not punishment anymore. Even if there aren’t obvious reasons don’t skip visiting your doctor. An illness that has been discovered on time has 10% more chance to be cured (if it’s curable).

  6. Home. It will always be your parent’s house but now you have an option – your own home. And around the moving in process probably you have learned a lot, like what the assistance of post tenancy cleaners is; how to deal with your landlord and so on.

  7. Decoration. You realize that your home’s look is crucial for your living so you have more than a few boxes and you know what Ikea is.

Growing up is a long process. It’s good to know that it won’t happen overnight and it may never happen fully. We don’t grow equally in all areas and some people always stay kids in some sense. So enjoy what you have, no one can guarantee you for how long you have it.

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