7 Reasons to Start Using Cinnamon Essential Oil Today

7 Reasons to Start Using Cinnamon Essential Oil TodayCinnamon is a popular spice widely used for both culinary and health purposes. However, besides from delicious dishes, the benefits for your health are numerous. When speaking of cinnamon essential oil, some people are concerned as there are cases when it has caused some allergic reactions. Yet, there are too many reasons why you should not miss to use cinnamon essential oil on your daily basis. The shrub is grown in tropical regions and is widely used in Ayurveda and is known to help with different health problems such as colds, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, arthritis, yeast infections and digestive problems. If you want to learn more about cinnamon and its uses, read on and below you will find out 7 good reasons why you should always keep a bottle of cinnamon essential oil today!

  • Why do cinnamon and cinnamon essential oil have health benefits? Because of the antifungal, astringent, antibacterial and anticlotting properties, they can both be described as an amazing ‘cure’ for many health issues. An interesting fact is that along with these features, there are other reasons why you should get cinnamon essential oil in your arsenal. Diffusing about 5-6 drops of it is known to increase your brain activity. When you need your brain to start working quickly, do that and you will notice that you will be able to concentrate with ease. This solution is also proven effective when you suffer memory loss. If you have a tension headache this is a great method to eliminate it by increasing the blood flow in your system.
  • Do you know what are the emotional benefits of cinnamon? For centuries, it was a related to spirituality and self-acceptance. It is said to clear emotions from past traumas. Cinnamon essential oil is known to control the insecurities and to balance the feelings of jealousy, vulnerability and promote healthy sexuality. It will be effective to diffuse some on a daily basis or even include it in your home by making an air freshener or disinfectant cleaner. When it`s time to run your domestic cleaning, make a mixture of 3 cups of water, 4 tablespoons of white vinegar and 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil. If you use the help ofprofessional housemaid and you don`t like the idea of cleaning with vinegar, make an air freshener by using a pot of boiling water. Simmer it on your stove and add few drops of cinnamon essential oil – the whole house will smell amazing and along with that you will take advantage of the benefits it provides.
  • Cinnamon is known to help you lose weight – for many years it has been used to increase metabolism. However, be careful when using cinnamon essential oil as it is very concentrated and you should blend it in tea or water and not take it directly. Start by adding 1 drop of it to your breakfast smoothie or tea and along with that you will feel like you had a couple of cups of coffee as you will be very energised!
  • Probably one of the very few disadvantages during the Summer is the presence of mosquitoes. Did you know that they are not the biggest fans of cinnamon? Cinnamon can kill mosquito larvae! If you want to make an efficient homemade natural organic repellent, pour the following in a spray bottle – mix several drops of cinnamon essential oil, one teaspoon coconut oil and fill the rest of the bottle with water. You can use this on tents, furniture and around doors and windows. You can make an anti-repellent lotion by adding 2-3 drops in half a cup of coconut oil and apply on skin – just make sure you test it first as some people may experience rashes and skin irritation.
  • Did you know that cinnamon is a natural aphrodisiac? Probably no! As you already know, cinnamon helps poor circulation and as this is the root of the erectile dysfunction problem, it can dramatically remedy the issue. Some compounds in cinnamon oil act like a medicine and increase blood flow – believe it or not, it is a natural remedy for impotence. In the same line of thought, we can say that it helps libido as it keeps the arteries unclogged and the reproductive organs receive enough oxygen, blood and nutrients.
  • Cinnamon can control the blood sugar which means that in case of diabetes it can be very beneficial and decrease the use of insulin. Some studies showed that cinnamon is especially helpful to type 2 diabetes – the patients are not able to regulate their insulin levels. When they started to intake food high that contain cinnamon, researchers found that a specific compound called MHCP that is contained in abundance in cinnamon, helps the better utilisation of insulin!  
  • Last but not least, deodorise your carpets and keep the ants away with the help of cinnamon essential oil and baking soda! Before you call the professionals in carpet cleaning, try this method and refresh your rugs! Mix 2 cups of baking soda with 20 drops of cinnamon oil and spread evenly on the surface. As we mentioned this natural home deodoriser and freshener is perfect for therapeutic purposes and will help you improve your wellbeing! Relax and detoxify the air in the same time!

Cinnamon is the perfect ingredient for so many delicious treats but if you think outside the box and incorporate it in your life better, you can only benefit from it!

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