7 factors that make love “escape” from family life

Family life problemsFamily life must be determined as a living organism. It changes, suffers, gets sick and blossoms, too! If you abandon your marriage emotionally, expect sooner breakdown. But why letting this happen? Better see the 7 factors that make love go away from family life:

  1. Pointless paranoia. There are people, who are just obsessed by the thought they aren’t loved, respected and cared for. The problem might get even worse, if the cheating factor comes.

  2. Discussion – dismissed. If issues aren’t discussed, don’t expect them to disappear. If something troubles you, don’t expect your spouse to read your thoughts. And if you believe in miracles that will let the problems go away, stop. Marriage needs hard job!

  3. Stress. It might come from work, raising a problematic kid, the relationships with your or his parents or any other different factor. Don’t make your spouse feel guilty about such things. You are supposed to fight issues together.

  4. Housekeeping. Conditions of life are top enemies to love. Once you become organic parts of the daily routines, you will lose the romance. Better transfigure your attitude towards household job. Do things together and try to make them funnier. No matter if you’re busy cleaning carpets or tidying up – do it with common efforts.

  5. A big bunch of pretenses. Ok, it is high time for you to understand that you are more like Married… with children than Rachel and Ross from Friends. Stop asking your husband making you expensive presents. Instead, go together hand by hand for a walk. It is even healthier than an exotic vacation with family fights.

  6. Poor timing. Things like jobs, extra shifts, nights out with the girls and many others, squeeze the free time you can spend with your husband. Having a private life is something you need less now. Currently you are a family.

  7. Big and serious steps in life. A promotion or moving out into your first own house are positive things. Though, they increase the level of your emotions and the stress, too. In such moments and cases be and stay together. Do the end of lease cleaning with common efforts and show your happiness of your spouse’s promotion.

Strive to keep your marriage healthy. This is the top factor for complete happiness!

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