5 super simple and smart cleaning strategies

5 super simple and smart cleaning strategiesWhat you have to understand, that cleaning the whole apartment or house at once is very much work. Plus the effect will keep no more than 2 days. And in consequence of this you will have to spend the rest of the week in mess and clutter. Follow these simple rules and make your household chores less time-consuming:

  • Instead of creating such headaches, distribute cleaning of rooms. On Monday, clean bedroom, Wednesday, bathroom, living room on Saturday and so on. Defining one day of the week for cleaning the kitchen, doesn’t mean to let the dirty dishes stay to the next Tuesday. Or that the bed in the bedroom should be made only on Friday.

  • Keep cleaning products near the room that you are going to clean. This will save you wandering around the floor. In each room you can find some place in a drawer to put the detergent, with which to wipe the dust and a cotton cloth. Very practical it would be buying a large plastic box in which to store all cleansers. So you will not have to constantly go in and out of the room looking for a different product. In addition use the vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning Clapham more often. This will save you some time.

  • Rely on mini – cleaning technology. When you’re in the bathroom, for example, after using the sink, wipe the sink with paper towels, and the mirror on which always remain soap spray or splashes of toothpaste. No need to use detergents to protect the bathroom mirror clean, it is necessary to dry it each time when it’s wet.

  • Similarly act in the other rooms, such as after dinner, wash all plates, forks, spoons and knives. Wipe and dry the table to be ready for use again. In each room apply this technology of mini cleaning and feel that you live in a much – clean and a nice home. Imagine also that in case of removal the deep end of tenancy cleaning Islington will be much easier.

  • Undertake immediate actions for better results. Fix the bed as soon as you wake up. This is a great way to start the day. Stepping out of the shower and entering in a pleasant room with circulating fresh air will make you feel very motivated.

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