5 mistakes you make, planning your children’s room

Common mistakes when planning a children`s roomWhen planning your children’s room you want the best for your kids. Sometimes in our pursue of perfection, we make mistakes that are not only wrong, but they can be also dangerous. Here is what you’ve messed up when you were organizing the room of your kid:

  1. Computers and TVs. Child’s room is not a place for hi-tech storage, especially in early age. Better keep the TV and the computer out of the nursery as long as you can. You can place them in the living room and this will allow you to control what the child watches and where does he or she goes when using Internet.

  2. Bed under the window. Of course you want your child to get enough light, but better put the bed on inner wall away from the window. No matter how good is the insulation of your home, outer walls tend to be colder which can cause frequent flus or colds. Also, if your child is from the nightingale type, he/ she will wake up every morning from the sun rays and the insufficient sleep will reflect on his or her mood.

  3. Overcrowded space. Probably you have heard that a lot: child does not need thousands of toys! Better invest in his future than buying ten cars or five dolls. To avoid this mistake, buy toys and periodically hide the abandoned toys. This way the child will be more interested in them when you give them back. If you have forgotten to buy toy box, do it as soon as possible and teach the child to use it. It will speed up your London domestic cleaning and the room will seem more ordered.

  4. Too much decoration. Choosing wallpapers or other wall decorations would stimulate the children instead of irritating them. Don’t pick wallpapers with a lot of small elements or too bright colors. Keep it plain and simple and put a picture or two of their favorite cartoon characters.

  5. Multifunctionality. This is the magic word when you choose what furniture to get for the nursery. There is wide range of beds that turn to desks or cribs that can turn into beds for bigger child. This kind of furniture often is easy to dissemble which will be helpful to your end of tenancy cleaners London if you decide to move out.

Designing nursery is easy. Remember the basics: it should be airy, easy for maintenance and adjustable, because children grow really fast. Making a mistake is not a sin in these terms, just mend it on time.

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