5 bad habits that disturb your work

5 bad habits that disturb your workYou know that it is necessary to organise your work in the best possible way, to schedule your time properly and in general, to do everything necessary. But, somehow, it always happens that seemingly little things hinder you and do not allow you to manifest as well as possible.

See our list of 5 bad habits which may disturb your work:

  • The habit to do everything at the same time – trying to do everything at once, working with a lot of things at the same time is not a good idea. In the end, you find yourself unable to do anything. Don’t forget that you can effectively deal with only one task, so get rid of unnecessary folders, documents, and other reminders. Instead, you should make a clear and detailed plan for what to do and when you want to end up.

  • Half work – especially this habit often occurs in combination with the first one (when you’re dealing with a few things at once). It’s much better to take one thing and bring it to an end. The same goes for everything – starting from your obligations at work and going to the household chores such as domestic cleaning London.

  • The habit to postpone tasks for tomorrow – procrastination is a problem for many people. Try to stick to the so-called ‘the two minute rule’ or in other words: don’t delay something that can be done in two minutes, even if you will have to force yourself a little.

  • ‘I know more than anyone!’ – the stupid habit to solve problems on your own, instead of having to turn to for advice to someone who is a specialist in this area, or to a colleague with more experience than you. The fear of losing control over the situation could end badly for the psyche, and for your career. Don’t be afraid to admit that sometimes there is someone who knows more than you. In this respect, even when you are about to sanitise your rugs, for example, you’d better use London carpet cleaning services.

  • The habit to do everything alone – the delegation of tasks is made up of intelligent people and not to use it is a big mistake. However, many women fall into this trap by accepting multiple tasks that could be assigned to someone else in the company.

Still, working hard and developing a successful career is something important but there are many more important things. Health, family, friends, fun – you should find time for them, so you should master the skills of time management!

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