4 things you can forget when doing an end of tenancy cleaning

4 important places during end of tenancy cleaningCleaning at the end of your lease is always very exhausting and always one of the numerous things you have to do when you are about to move into a new house or flat. This is why, you will probably forget to clean something. You are always thinking about the major problem zones and hidden places and you tend to miss something simple that is right in front of your eyes. Below you can find 4 things people tend to forget about:

  1. Switches, sockets, door handles – we use them every day, a hundred times a day. However, unless they are really, really dirty (to the point that you do not even want to touch them), chances are that you may not remember that they should be cleaned. Even in case you decide to clean them, you may end up missing a couple of switches or in the rush you may clean the door handle only on one of the sides of the door.

  1. The window in the bathroom- unless you have one of those houses with a gorgeous view even from the bathroom window, you may not even consider that window as a real one. Yet, it still needs to be cleaned once you decide to move out.

  1. The doors inside the flat/house– most people don’t think of the doors as something that gets dirty and needs cleaning and they rarely include them in their weekly cleaning. You will be surprised how much dirt you can find on them once you begin to wipe them.

  1. Cleaning the dust off the lamps– Admit it! The only time you clean the dust off the lamps is when you have to change the bulb. This is a place that should not be skipped during the end of tenancy cleaning. There will be dust even if you put the new lightening bulb last week.

Don’t underestimate these details, because some landlords are extremely strict and exigent! It’s always better to be prepared in advance.

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