3 great methods of memory training

3 great methods of memory trainingMemory training helps a lot to absorb new information. Thus we learn to use more of our brain capacity and develop its potential for storage, processing and use of available data. Learn more about these 3 efficient methods of memory training:

  • Routing method. Make a tour of the house and identify 10 points or items to serve you as signs to connect and remembrance. Remember them visually and create vivid connections between points in mind. The more colorful, fun and crazy associations are, the easier it will be to store them in your mind. These waypoints may be used when saving report, book, speech, shopping list or task for the day. Identify key points in the information you are trying to remember and connect them to the anchor points of your home route. For example, if you want to connect the living room table with your task to take your children from kindergarten, you can imagine them lively how they toss on the table with utensils in anticipation of dinner. So each task you can link up with domestic route under implementation. Perhaps even the spring cleaners use this technique.

  • The power of pictures. You can remember certain information, including it with living pictures in your mind. Here imagination plays a major role. The idea is that as you imagine more clearly a subject, you can contact an abstract concept or issue, the very image of the object increases your understanding. The fact is that we can remember something lasting only if we illustrate it or we can understand it. Visualization of objects may be exercised. To remember more things connect more items in a single story, which to remember the sequence. Share this method with the carpet cleaning experts, may be they will be interested.

  • Connecting new information with old. It is much easier to perceive new information when you know a little about the subject. This method of storage is the most efficient. For example, consider two films, for which a friend of yours is telling you. For one of them you have never heard so far, and none of the actors you know. Probably you will remember for a long the narrative of this film. The other, however, you are interested in what it says and you know the actor in the main role. Immediately your mind is binding the information with pictures that already exist in your ideas. So you can accumulate new knowledge and facts, connecting them with the old. Saving is easier when the topic interests you lively.

What about you? Could you share your own method of remembering large amount of information?

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