3 extremely dangerous driving habits

Most dangerous driving habitsDriving is a very responsible task. When you’re behind the wheel, you are responsible not only for your own life, but also for the life of the other passengers in your car. Being a part of the traffic, you have to comply with the rights of other drivers too. There is no doubt that we know excellently these things. Despite that, we often break the rules. Check out these 3 dangerous habits and avoid them by all means:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol influences your ability to react. It makes you dizzy and distracted behind the wheel. Every day we hear bad news about numerous car accidents, provoked by drunk drivers. So, in case you plan a wild revelry with your friends and you have some drinks, don’t ever sit in your car to drive. Use a taxi or stay over to sleep at your friends’ house. You can organise the end of tenancy cleaning another day. Your safety is much more important.

  • Speeding. Many people are fans of high speeds, but this is also a very bad driving habit. Experts advise to follow the speed restrictions and to be very careful behind the wheel. High speed doesn’t allow to react on time, there is no need of more explanations, right?

  • Driving tired. Drowsy driving is super dangerous, just as drunk driving. If you feel exhausted, pull off the road, drink a coffee or tell your friend to drive for a little while. Slow reactions and risk to fall asleep cause so many car accidents these days. Don’t trade off your own safety and the life of the other participants in the traffic. You can get home later, but safe. Cleaning carpets may be performed on the next day, don’t you think? It’s much better, than a hazardous and life-threatening car accident, don’t you think?

 We wish you safe driving, good weather conditions and a flawless car, without any breakdowns.

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