10 tips on decorating a rental

Decorating a rentalThe biggest task a tenant has, when he moves to his brand new, but rented, house is to make it look like a real home. Bringing some personality, charm and convenience to a tenement, though, isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to put all of your imagination and to conduct it to your landlord’s requirements. Also, you could be tight by your budget (since the rental prices aren’t that low yet) and budget-friendly ideas for adorning a house are always welcomed. We have gathered the most budget-friendly conceptions for making a rental look like a real home! See our 10 tips on decorating a rental. Get inspired by them and use them as a base:

  • Make the cheap furniture look more luxurious. Avoid heaps on their tops and simplify. Adorn the tables with luxurious crystal vases or nice framed photos.

  • Rely on the lighting charm! Playing with the lights at home is always beneficial and cheap. The effect, though, could be amazing especially if you concentrate the lightings at 3 or 4 spots of the premise!

  • Hang and order! A brilliant order of your favourite pieces of art on the wall will freshen up the entire atmosphere. Though, you can hang some pendants and fancy works, as well!

  • Paint originally! It is not only about the cracked walls and the ugly sills. You can add some bright colour to the old furniture – cabinets, drawers and wardrobes – too! Ask for permission from your landlord, at first, to ensure you will not fail during the check after the end of lease cleaning.

  • Cover the floor with rugs! Your granny has lots of them. If you do not want your rental place to look too old-fashioned, mix the patterns in a modernistic and vanguard style!

  • Nature is a real beauty. Adding real plants and fresh flowers every day will add some truly amazing authentic home style to your lodging.

  • Keep the simplicity on a pedestal. Regular home cleaning and tidied up premises look fantastic even if they are not that richly adorned.

  • Mirrors are miracles at home! Add as many mirrors as you can in all premises. The reflections and the illusion of a larger spaciousness will transfer any ugly and modest house.

  • Take the advantage of the abundance of materials. Create fantastic layers from all kinds of textures and combine all types of building materials – stone, wood and etc.

  • Use your other senses to inspire. Eyes see, but not everything. So adding some aroma candles and feeling the atmosphere with relaxing music on will make the environment look complete.

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